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(Empowering Through Education) Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi
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Transport And Security  
School has the best transport facilities for transporting staff and students from Roorkee and nearby Roorkee areas as from Haridwar, and all areas of Roorkee. School will be provide modern and comfortable buses & Vans for all those who wish to avail the transport facility. Well trained and comassionate drivers and conductors will ensure the seurity of the young ones.
Drinking Water  
Water supply at Thomsan World School will be highly safe. The school will have reverse Osmosis plants, Which Ozonises the water after filtration and purification by the softener plant.
Health Care  
All the students will be put through periodical medical examination by the specialisits. Health cards will be prepared and maintained for students. Personal hygiene and health care will be taught to the students by a health coordinator.
Teachers are the best counsellors. Apart from them the school will have trained counsellers to help the young kids in peronal and academic options.The counsellor will be responsibale for the well-being of students and help them in solving problems and interpersonal conflicts.