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Examination System

Our K.G. Vying is as excellent blend of the motherless and play way wet no do logy. They are assessed daily, weekly, monthly, annually in a regular phrase of curriculum. Their skills in language and watheraties are tested both writer and orally. By conducting FA1, FA2, FA3, & FA4 as welled SA1 and SA2.
CLASSES I to Xth  
Keeping the guidelines of C.B.S.E regarding C.C.E we have provided a close knit friendly and supportive leaving environment for I to Xth.
The entire academic session is divided into two semesters. Each semester has two formative assessments SA and one summative Assessment SA. In all there four FAs and two SAs.
The weightage given to various assessments is as follows
Semester I- 20% of FA1, FA2 & (30% of SA1=50%)
Semester II- 20% of FA3, FA4 & (30% of SA2=50%)
In addition to the written exams, students are giving assignments, project and should participate in other co- curricular activities as well as extra- curricular activities. They are awarded grades on the basis of their performance. The final result is reflected in grades as per CBSE Directives. Students are also grades for attendance, attitude, discipline, team –spirit etc.